Spotting @ORD

I am going to be at ORD for 5 hours on Saturday for a layover. I will be in T3, Concourses G,H and K.

Any spotting recommendations?
Or for that matter, anything to prevent death from boredom?
Any recommendations are very welcome!

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If you go by the end of the spirit airlines area you will have a great view of T5,The International terminal.
For O’Hare you can pretty much walk to any terminal.
Caution to the international

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Ok. I won’t head over to T5, thanks!

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Try to spot me, SMF-ORD Arriving around 10AM

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As @ORDspotter said, you can walk to any terminal inside the main terminal (Terminals 1, 2, and 3). If you want to spot a specific airline, go to the terminal that supports them.

Terminal 1 (Concourses B and C): United Airlines, United Express, Lufthansa, ANA

Terminal 2 (Concourses E and F): United Express, Delta Airlines, Air Canada

Terminal 3 (Concourses G, H, K, and L): American Airlines, American Eagle, Alaska Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines


Thank you very much! I don’t care too much because I mainly have spotted in Europe so any US carriers are welcome!


You can post your flight info here!


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