Spotting @ ORD (Yes, finally)

Spotting at Chicago ORD

After a long month a editing, I have finally finished all of my ORD pictures. I really hope you enjoy them!

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And now, the photos.


Nice pics, how did you get a UA744 From Chicago, Once again nice pics


It was around a month ago, and in matter of a fact, it was the last domestic United 747 flight :)


Love the Alaska Airlines honoring those who serve livery!!


She is a beauty! I love seeing those colors.


Thanks, Lucky you, I wish I could have been there to see her myself

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That Alaska looks so good. Are these 10’s arrivals judging by the sun position?

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Yes, these are the 10s. I believe these landing shots were on 10C


@JRRaviation amazing pics as always do you have any tips for editing on Lightroom

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For beginners, I would use auto edit and just edit from there. Get used to editing settings and fix your pictures to your liking.

Lightroom does tend to underexpose and over-contrast your photos. It’s all based on your style of editing.


It’s also good just to screw around and to see what everything does. That’s they way I learned. After enough fiddling, you’ll learn what everything does and what effects what, and eventually get the hang of things.


Can you please add a blurb under each picture?
At least something like BA 747-400 Oneworld livery.

Gorgeous pictures !! I love the AirBerlin a330. You can tell that Lufthansa 747-8 is brand new… not a single dirt spot or stain anywhere, lol.

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I don’t tend to do that in my spotting collages, but if you need help identifying anything I would love to help ;)

Yeah, lol. I hate their 747-400s because they are so dirty. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures!


I can identify them just fine. I just like to read the blurbs as they often contain something interesting like when you said that was the last United 747-400 Domestic flight.

As always, your pictures are just out of this planet. Incredible. There are a few in which you can definitely notice the editing (which in my opinion is a bad thing), but apart from that, stunning.
I wish you happy spottings!


Oh my jeez, talk about the best spotting topic of 2017. You sir, deserve an award.


They were very hard to edit due to the lighting. I tried my best to make them look natural.


Finally my dude! They are done! We’ve been waiting…anyways nice pics, love that Royal Jordainian!