Spotting once more

I found myself out at CLT once more, this time awaiting the arrival of another livery I had yet to see, the United Evo Blue with the Aviate sticker. It began the day delayed in Cleveland until 8am (original departure was 6:23am EST), then a hour+ delay in Newark, getting into CLT at 12:20 this afternoon.

I had actually applied to the Aviate Academy, but only made it to the assessment phase before my application failed to advance, so seeing it was a little sour, but no less worthwhile.

I’m planning on being out at CLT at least one more time, maybe even twice before the New Year. Still need to catch SWA’s Freedom One (should be coming again this Saturday, based on recent flight history) and American’s Flagship Valor (no clue when it’ll be back through CLT).


wonderful picture!

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Im going to be spotting at CLT tomorrow! Hopefully catch a few specials! Nice pic!

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Nice shot! The Evo Blue livery really does look great.

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