Spotting on the Sunny Coast! [YBSU]

Hey guys, did some spotting at YBSU today [Sunshine Coast Airport] took some good shots of planes landing on runway 36 on boundary Crescent.


“Sunny Coast”
But great shots! Love the rain in the 4th one and last one

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Yea man, I got fully drenched

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The not so Sunny Coast! Nice photos :)

Ha ha. Yea man. It was so not fun spotting in the rain.

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Glad to see our community isn’t obsessing about global and back to spotting, how bad was the rain?

Whoa! Epic photos!!!

Great landing shots (I love the second last one!) , but hope you brought a rain cover for your camera, water and electronics don’t mix!

Ironically it was raining in the Sunny Coast! Great photos of the planes landing.

Sunny coast yeah right😂😂😂

It was absolutely pouring down

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It’s really rainy here :(

Then, hopefully there are sunny days.☀️

Yea sometimes there are

Nope, my cameras water resistant. But I got soaked though

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What camera do you have? Unless it’s something like a 1DX2 with the 70-200 2.8 II (with the rubber gasket between the lens and the mount), shooting in the rain is not a risk I’d take for periods of time over 20 minutes, depending on the intensity.

Nice photos! I like how you manage to get the aircraft just on touchdown. I bet if you wait a few minutes though, @JRRaviation will come and give you some photo tips! :P

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