Spotting on a Sunny Evening in Heathrow | London, June 14, 2019

Hey everyone!

As you might have read on the community already, Infinite Flight held an official meetup at London Heathrow Airport (LHR/EGLL) which had an amazing turnout. Like many others from this Community, I traveled to London to meet the team and the other people attending. Of course, as you might have expected, I used this occasion for a crazy weekend full of planespotting that actually cost me an extensive amount of this week as well since picking and editing the best out of 1100 pictured I took was some rather hard work as well.
After starting this little spotting series with pics from Munich and London City, let‘s now get to London’s big hub - London Heathrow.
After a nice afternoon at London City and the Olympic Park I took the train down to my hotel at Heathrow (that’s what I thought at that time). Once arrived at the airport I stopped at Hatton Cross Bus station to take some pics of the arrivals which happened to take place in some nice evening sun. Due to the awesome light and the airline variety, this spotting session was very likely the hardest one to choose ten shots from.

During my train ride I kept watching the approach of Korean Air‘s A380 from Seoul on FlightRadar since, due to the time of arrival, this flight was one I wanted to catch right on Friday since it was obvious that on Saturday and Sunday my plans would likely not allow to spot this flight. Eventually, thanks to LHR‘s extensive holding procedures, I arrived just minutes before the flights arrival.

My next must-have actually arrived from the same location. Asiana Airlines operates its flights to London Heathrow using the A350 which makes for an amazing plane-livery combination. Unfortunately a cloud crossed the sun right when this plane arrived which required some extensive editing but I think the result still looks kinda nice.

To sum the entire weekend up, the trip to Heathrow really impressed by the variety of airlines flying to the airport. Many airlines can’t be seen at other fields, or at least only in other places I couldn’t yet visit. One of these is the beautiful livery of Sri Lankan Airlines worn by their A330.

In contrast to Sri Lankan, Qatar Airways is also a regular visitor at Munich Airport. At Munich however, we don’t see the Airbus A350-1000 very often since the route is usually operated by a Boeing 777.

The next airline, at least its passenger branch has already been known to me from Zurich Airport. My Heathrow trip nevertheless was the first occasion where I was able to take pictures of Cathay Pacific planes that meet my standards. In addition to 3 different liveries worn by their 777s I was also able to spot their 747 cargo variant for the very first time.

Of course, the weekend at Heathrow was also intended to catch the 3 most beautiful planes in British Airways‘ fleet - the three Retro 747s celebrating the 100th anniversary of the airline. The first one to come in front of my lens was the BOAC retro jet which wears the colors used from 1964-1974.

Another „retro“ livery and an equally endangered aircraft type based at London Heathrow is Virgin Atlantic’s A340-600 named Dancing Queen young and sweet, only 17 🎶🎶 Guess what melody was planted into my head for the rest of the evening…

While the route isn’t that long from Beirut, MEA still operates an Airbus A330 on the London route, giving me another airline premiere.

While the way from Usbekistan is actually longer, the plane used is still way smaller but at least equally rare. Usbekistan Airways brought its A320neo from Tashkent in the evening sun.

An even shorter route and a plane that I could actually spot in Munich is yet another retro livery. While I couldn’t manage to catch it at my home base the first Aer Lingus arrival from Dublin brought me their nice retro livery. It was quite a new contrast to the new liveries approaching the airport the day after.

Thanks for visiting this topic! Stay tuned for the next topics from the London meetup weekend. Due to the sheer amount of images it might also be worth following me on my social media channels where I’ll post more images from this weekend as well as from other spotting sessions:


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Great photos once again!


Astonishing pictures! I love how all of the pictures of the planes taking off were taken at the same angle!


Thanks :) they are actually all approaching though haha


Oh really? my mistake!

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Someone told me you had this topic posted but my IFC had it hidden 😡 it was restricting me from seeing the beautiful pictures of yours!


Superb photos as always. The Aer Lingus retro is really nice! As is the Asiana A350 😉

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Beautiful photos! I love the Uzbekistan livery!

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It was great meeting you at the meetup, Moritz! Your photos are amazing - hope to see more photos from the meetup in the coming future.

You should’ve impressed the ‘single’ Polish girl you so wanted to see with those photos! 😂

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Now that’s interesting 👀 guess I need to continue spamming all my slack workspaces with the link 👀

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Thanks :) we indeed had an amazing weekend and especially a nice evening there 😍
Wasn’t it Finnish though 🤔 if so, I actually saw her again on Sunday but surprisingly her boyfriend got in the way 👀 who could have expected that 🤔🤔🤔


I love the Asiana airlines one! Great photos!