Spotting @NZWN (Nikon D750: 300mm)

Hey guys!

Me and a few spotting mates decided to head out for a quick hour and a half spotting session to Wellington Airport! We tried this new location, as runaway 16 was active (34 is normally the active one) and I was really happy with the shots that I got! Hope you like them!

Please do leave any feedback, and let me know what you think of my shots!

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Really high quality of photos, great camera and photography :) .

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@Matthew Thank you so much! After a while Wellington gave us some nice weather, might as well take advantage of it ;)

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Wow,great photos! I’m going spotting at my local airport tomorrow,hope I can get photos as great as yours 😊


Thanks! I’m sure you’ll get some awesome ones! 😃

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