Spotting numero 1 of 3 (DMV Spotting)

1) If you’re from the DMV area, you know how infamous gravely point park is for it’s runway 19 river visual approach, with it’s 1/4 mile final. I decided that this is going to be my first stop one my 3 series spotting adventures, eventually working my way to IAD to spot the real giants of the skies
Other spotting stops are linked here:

(Shot on iPhone11)

Coming in from Sea-Tac, Alaska B738

Delta’s Pencil752 from LAX

From central florida land, American B738 Reno Livery

Southwest B738 from Austin

This… jet, from Montreal

United’s sleek Evo Blue B738 from Denver

American A321NX from Phoenix

The FAA’s N1 coming back to DC for awhile

That’s all for now, later!


Cars also make an honorable mention


Nice pics! We should spot some time :)


That last pic actually looks like the FAA’s N1. Not Air Force

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Oh cool, thanks

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