Spotting @ Naples Municipal Airport (KAPF)

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Ok now, down to business. This airport has an observation deck within 150 feet of the runway, and live ATC speakers. A great experience! Here is where we were

I’m too lazy to actually give you aircraft info, but if you do it for me I’ll give you a shoutout;)

Camera: Canon Powershot G16

Disclaimer Expect another spotting topic tomorrow as I will be flying back home from KFLL and might even go spotting there:)


Naples as in Florida?

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Yes, Naples Florida:)

Cool, one of my long time friends grandparents has a lakehouse down there.

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Nice, I’m visiting family!

Lucky, I might go down there in October on my break.

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Naples is a beautiful place, no wonder to see so many great aircraft.

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Awesome photos! I did see a Pilatus PC-12 in there! (Nice Aircraft)

Also Happy Birthday @Flightfan84!

Thank you!


Love the black and silver Business Jet (N214EE)


Looks like a Challenger

Yes. I agree.

When you said Challenger @Rodney_Buckland I thought you meant the Dodge Challenger car LoL 😂

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