Spotting Missouri One at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Hi everyone!
It seems things have been getting very interesting at MHT lately, because I usually never go to the Airport every week.
Tomorrow, I will be traveling to Orlando-MCO, so expect a short trip report tomorrow :)

Today, I went to MHT to spot Missouri One, one of the newest Special liveries Southwest has. The unique thing about Missouri One is that it has Split Scimitars.
I hope you like the pictures!
Missouri One on final for 35, coming in from Tampa as SWA1955, which was 1hr and 24 minutes late

Missouri One taxis to Gate 12 after landing
Look at all those bugs in the air! The sun made the plane dark since it was behind the aircraft
Missouri One alongside a normal 737-700.
At the gate being serviced. Heading to Baltimore

Right after pushback. 53 minutes late, heading to BWI

Taxiing to Runway 35.
A Close up shot.

Southwest 1955 then took off, heading to Baltimore Washington. This is a really neat livery. I’m hoping to catch all the specials that fly into MHT this year!

Thanks for viewing, and expect a video about Missouri One soon!


From all the state liveries, this is my favorite one! I have a Daron model of it, it doesn’t have the new winglets but it was cheaper than GeminiJets. I also live in Missouri (STL to be precise).


These are great pics, and one of my favorite Southwest liverys. I’ve never seen any aircraft with a special livery fly to CLT, so this is a treat! Hope you had a good time and happy spotting!

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Since Southwest flies into Charlotte, I’d check FlightRadar24 for WN flights into CLT. I’m sure Southwest has sent a special your way since they’ve started operations into CLT.

You never know, but FR24 is your best bet for catching a special livery from WN.

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Thanks @Daniel_Cerritos, I’ll check FR24 🙂. But back on topic now.

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Those Pic’s are Nice!😉😉

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I got to fly on Missouri one in September 2016, before the scimitars. I was really in for a surprise because I had no idea that was the aircraft until it arrived at the gate.


Missouri One video now available to watch

What camera do you use? Great shots!

I use a Canon SX60 HS point and shoot camera. Really nice camera, can also have a shotgun mic attached as well :)

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