Spotting @ MIA | 15/16 January 2023

This past weekend, me and @AndrewWu went on a spotting trip to MIA. The first day started off slowly and I didn’t have a super positive outlook on the 27 ops, but I soon realized we could not have gotten any luckier with that. It’s been almost 3 years since I was here last, and it’s nice to see how my photography has improved since then.

Avianca Cargo A330-200F departing off to Montevideo

TAP A330neo departing off to Lisbon

LATAM 787 rotating with the downtown skyscrapers in the background

Close up of the same LATAM 787

Lufthansa 747-8i rotating of 27 to Frankfurt

Virgin A330-300 lifting up and out back to London

Avianca A330-200F sitting under the MIA tower

Aerolineas Argentinas A330-200 departing off to Buenos Aires slightly later than I was hoping it would

Red Air MD-80 departing off to SDQ



Me when you can’t spot any arrivals whatsoever but at least the sun go into the engines 👍🏼


common adam w

Also people who put their captions under their photos on IFC scare me



would a 300mm lens work at these locations

depends on how many mp you have

OUGHHHHHHHHHHH, that Virgin A330-300 takeoff

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I live an hour away from Miami in broward county, wish I was there though 🥲

I have 400mm full frame (250mm Canon APS-C equivalent) and this is what my rotation shots look like.


You spotted near the furniture store?

Yeah El Dorado

so a 300 with i think 24mp would probably not work very great

I’m actually only 24 mp but if you have a Rebel that’s not a T8i or SL3 it will probably not go that well, I don’t think they can really pull detail from that range.

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Yup, whenever spotting there, usually go Around the el dorado area and spot, last time i went, it was cloudy and reverse ops.

It’s a good spot for like 2 hours of the day for 27 ops and another 2 hours for 9 ops but other than that it’s pretty mid.

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Yeah, that’s true, reverse ops can be kinda boring especially when you can’t get that close up shot of a landing plane.

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Average mid shots 💀


Well using an actual camera would help lol


I’m looking to get a camera this year, any suggestions?