Spotting @ LSGG - They did not bring the sun :^(

Pretty uncool move of these liners coming from the Mediterranean, they left us with a massive front above the Alps and a large stratus on the Jura. I will not talk about how much my hands were cold… (or did I just do ??)

It was nice getting some shots after weeks of rainy weekends and the lack of direct sunlight helped me get nice shots.

First shot of the session to warm my heart with this red flashing beacon :

Then the little (or not?) special of the day, the comeback of the bus 330 :

It’s not Geneva without MEA’s flight, I am patiently waiting for the MSN10000… :


Did anyone say Neo? Aegean raccoon with it’s new livery :

And then look at them go, nagging us as they fly towards the blue skies

I have so many shots to show you, hopefully see you later this week with the private jets rocketing out of LSGG


These photos are really cool!!! That Aegean one is my favorite, such a clean livery! I wish more people spotted her, I really enjoy seeing pictures from LSGG!


I loooooove the A330 pics, definitely one of the most photogenic aircraft imo.


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