Spotting @ LSGG - Geneva Cointrin Airport

Hello guys ! Today I went to Geneva for a spotting session.
Today wind was calm and the runway 22 was in service. Here is a couple of pictures i’ve take :


I’ve take other pictures I will post them once i have rendered them better. It wasn’t just EasyJet planes there ^^ (edit; posted)


Seems like lots of snow in the Alps. Lovely pictures! Love the Easy Jet A321NEO

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More pictures added in the main post

Great shots! Unfortunate you couldn’t catch the Air Canada A330. I was on that exact flight earlier this year!

I didn’t wake up early enough :/
But someday… I want to come very early to see all the big planes that are departing the morning.
And today i didn’t had the chance to see a A330 from Aeroflot which is coming sometimes.

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