Spotting Locations: Venice Marco Polo / Bolzano?

Hi all,

On my Easter holidays this year I am going into the Italian Alps and Venice. I am hoping to get some plane spotting locations at either airport.

At Bolzano I have briefly looked to see the locations and I think I have a good one. Bolzano airport only really sees private aircraft and regional flights but it should be a good, close up location.

At Venice I am unsure where to spot.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone with the knowledge could tell me the best spotting locations.


Be careful, you don’t want to be arrested by Italian police you (may) not be able to speak to…

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Don’t worry, I can speak Italian.

Why would I be arrested?

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Some police forces can be sketchy about spotters on airport boundries. Definitely overemphazised it, but if an a police officer starts blurting out instructions that you don’t understand…

Just looking out for you lol…

Okay. I shouldn’t be staying at Venice Marco Polo for too long and Bolzano is much quieter.

From memory I’m pretty certain the Italians don’t mind you aircraft spotting.
The police across all of the EU tend not to mind you spotting.

On @IceBlue’s point, I did read that the Italian Police can be a little iffy with the idea.

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The general rule is to go to where other people are spotting, if there’s a big group of people spotting, it usually means it’s safe (otherwise they wouldn’t be spotting) and there’s safety in numbers.