Spotting @LHR

I went spotting again and this time in expert. I have gotten better. I used 27R-27L

1:Qatar airways 777-300ER coming in to land at 27R

2: merica 772 coming in from Dallas-Fort worth

3: Another one but it’s a 777-300ER

4: this beautiful Finnair A350 that i almost missed

5: Jetblue A321 landing after someone probably got in a fight😂

6: BA A319 coming in. @Fergus, Great approach man!

7: I-CANN or @CannedPig coming in to land (great approach btw) You also butters that thing like crazy!!!

There was at least 5 parallel landings that were really cool!
Thanks for looking!

Q: What was your favorite?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4( The first one)
  • 4 the second one
  • 4 (both)
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
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And thanks for your wonderful spotting pictures I really love them all✈️✈️✈️!!! >w<

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no problem and thank you! your landing was sooo good it was like that U.S Airways A330 video!

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you gotta post that at the #swiss001landing tag on yt

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Ooh really? Appreciate that hehe~ :3

Btw could you share me your replay file please? Mine is broken without any reason and I’d love to see how my landing looks like :)

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Ok! i will

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Cool thanks! ヾ(≧▽≦*)o

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here, try this
here it is

actually how do i do this?

You could try this!
Share My Infinite Flight

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Ok i won’t be able to share it today cause of some reasons but i’ll try to get it to u tomorrow or tonight i’m so sorry!

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It’s ok! Just take your time friend!

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I love the pictures!!!

ok! have agood day

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thank you! i like the support!

@member_of_oneworld Good luck flying friend!

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thanks! i spawned out and i will be in a IceAir 757

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@CannedPig i spawned right beside you good flight!

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