Spotting @ LHR

Heading down to LHR tomorrow and gonna get some spotting in on Myrtle if there on the 27’s!

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Try Cafe Nero at T5 if 09L is active! Awesome place for pictures!

Will do! got any pics form there? can’t wait to go! Is it in the Terminal or accessible from the public?

Lucky little…

LOL! Hope you enjoy it.

bump T minus 6 hours

Woohoo! (fill)

It’s in T5 yep, right in the north part. Cool views there :)

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Departing from Heathrow I’m a week, I’ll give you my flight number and see if you can get it!

Where you off to Harry?

I was meant to be off on holiday, but current changes mean I am now not. Waiting for further updates until I’m 100% sure, life is never simple!