Spotting @ LGAV - 26-8-2018

Hey everyone! While flying out of LGAV, I decided to do some spotting, both from a spot near the gates and from the plane itself. These pictures were made by an iPad Pro. A quick description of the pictures will be below.

Airport Name: Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport
Area of Spotting: All over Terminals A & B, including in the plane.

Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines A320, christened “Nostos”. Here, it is preparing for departure to Paris-Charles de Gaulle (LFPG).

Registration: SX-DVH

Swiss Intl. Airlines

Swiss A321, preparing for its return flight to Zurich (LSZH). Fun fact: it had over an hour delay, which is uncommon at LGAV.

Registration: HB-IOK

Scandinavian Airlines

Scandinavian A321, about to push back for its return to Copenhagen (EKCH).

Registration: OY-KBB


Iberia’s A320 taxiing to Runway 21L for its return to Madrid-Barajas (LEMD).

Registration: EC-JFN

British Airways

British Airways A320 pushing back for its return to London Heathrow (EGLL).

Registration: G-EUUL


Aeroflot’s A321 starting up its engines for the return flight to Moscow-Sheremetyevo (UUEE)!

Registration: VP-BES

Etihad Airways

The big Etihad B789, preparing for its return to Abu Dhabi (OMAA)! (Fun fact: an Etihad A320 had already left for Abu Dhabi just a few minutes previously)

Registration: A6-BLT

Air Canada

This one, for me, was the most mystifying one of all…this Air Canada 763 should have taken off for Toronto (CYYZ) several hours before, but stayed on the taxiway for over an hour - this thankfully didn’t pose a large problem as there were two parallel taxiways.

Registration: C-FJZK

That’s all when it comes to single planes - in the two pictures below I’ll describe the few aircraft in the picture without focusing too much on the routes.

Aegean Airlines (again)

Here you can see an Aegean A319 and two Aegean A320s preparing for their outbound leg.

The Aegean A319 (SX-DGF) was preparing for its departure to Istanbul-Atatürk (LTBA).

Due to the sheer amount of Aegean A320s in the airport at that moment (about 10-15), I unfortunately wasn’t able to identify their respective destinations.

Regional Airlines


An Olympic Air Dash-8 Q200 from Leros Island (LGLE) turning into its parking spot, with another Olympic Air ATR 42-600 having arrived from Naxos Island (LGNX). Behind it (but hidden in the picture) is a Sky Express ATR 42 having landed from Samos Island (LGSM).

Not related to Regional Airlines, but a Ukraine International B738 parked from Kiev (UKBB) is also visible to the left.

Thanks for reading this thread! Have a lot more pictures than this but as they were mainly Aegean/Olympic I wanted to get a bit more of a mix of airlines. Let me know if I could do anything better and let me know what you think! :)


This is a very informative thread! Well done! Ive been to Athens but ive never had to chance to go spotting! #jealous


Gives me nostalgia! Last time I went there in 2011, Aegean Airlines seemed to fill the airport, along with Olympic Airlines. Great thread!


Thank you. If you do go again sometime, I would recommend doing if you have the time :)

They still kind of did yesterday, but I wanted to vary it a little bit and show some other airlines. It is true that there’s no longer Olympic Air in the main terminal though.

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Nice shots, especially for an iPad pro! Can’t wait to see more!

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