Spotting @LGA 6/21/19

Hello IFC
I’m back with another spotting topic. This time I am still at LaGuardia. I had an early morning flight back home to Denver and was flying out of LGA’s new terminal. So I arrived at the airport 2 and half hours before my flight to go plane spotting.

Air Canada a320 taxiing with a Delta a220 being towed to its gate in the back

JetBlue a320 vacations livery climbing out of LGA

United 737-800 taxing out to runway 13 heading to Denver

Air Canada E170 beacon shot!!!

Delta 717 beacon shot!!

Southwest 737-700 climbing out of LGA

Republic Airways (American Eagle) E170 taxiing to its gate

Southwest 737-700 w/ split scimitar winglets rotating out of LGA

My Plane Illinois One taxing to gate 54 after arriving from ATL continuing on to Denver.

American 737-800 taking off from a soggy New York

Feel free to use these pictures as Long as you give me credit for them
Camera: Canon Rebel T4i 75-300 mm
Pictures are not edited.
Thanks for viewing!!!


Nice @den.aviation

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Very nice pictures! My favourite is the second one :) Keep it up!

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Dude these are amazing! Keep it up

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Cool you flew on Illinois one! A good friend of mine flew it to Vegas a while back.
Great shots by the way!


Wow, great shots! I love the JetBlue one with the dark clouds ahead.👍👍😃😃

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Wow! I’m jealous you flew on Illinois One! Do you have any up close at the gate photos of it?

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Yes I have one

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Wow! What a pretty thing she is! I’m jealous!!

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Thank you!!!

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Yeah this was my second time flying this plane!

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