Spotting @ LFPG ‘ 2/12

Spotting session 2/12
I went for a small everning spotting session yesterday! We had a few nice visitors but I missed 2 of the planes I wanted. Anyway, here they are!


Disclaimer: I use broken lenses, they are broken near the focus so that might be why my pictures are out of focus

image image image


Wonderful Shots on a cloudy day, Especially that Air France.

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Despite the bad weather over there you were still able to get some good shots!

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Some pretty good shoots you’ve got! My only tip would be to try to get the whole aircraft in the image, and in the last one, try to get it well focused. Other than that, well done! (:

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Nice! My favourite is the HOP! CRJ

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@NationofAviation @IF_Aviation1 @TheCoolPilot Thank you all for the feedback!

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The Air France looks sooo good😱.
Nice shots🙂

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Thank you! :)

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