Spotting LAX

Hey guys I did some spotting on the expert server here they are!

An American Airlines A321-200 Ready at the Terminal for a flight to San Diego!

Delta A320-200 ready at the terminal for a flight to Seattle!

Pilots Ready to fly!

American 777-300 ER ready at the terminal for a flight to Miami

Ground Service ready to load a DHL Cargo
DHL Cargo Ready to depart to London
United View From Hotel!

Airport View from my hotel room!



Hey there!

It looks like you have posted twice today, the limit is one post per day (24 hour increments).

This can be found under the rules of the #screenshots-and-videos category.

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Oops sorry i didn’t know

Staring Intensifies

ooh this is a creative shot!

but yes you cant post multiple times

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Yea that’s my bad

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Noice photos my dude

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That was me, in the B77W to Miami!!! I landed 10 minutes ahead of schedule

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Oh really wow!!

24 hour rule.