Spotting KSWF (Stewart International NY)

Just to create a thread here. Hopefully I can bring you some cool pictures. You guys as well can add. They usually park the UN planes here with all of the other foreign countries as well when everyone goes to NY for the UN meetings.




Beautiful photos, keep it up! Really enjoyed


please remember the new rule:

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If you ever go back to spot, make sure to look for some Norwegian aircraft, they operate the 787 and 737 MAX there. Nice photos!

Yes! I see a lot of them flying in and out now. They have opened up a few routes to Europe here lately.

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I did not see that. Thank you though.

Wow awesome photos 😁.

Nice photos! Really like the Blue Angels’s Fat Albert.

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Thanks gents! I’ll have to dig through my files and see if I can find the ones I took of all of the different nations planes when they were here last. So many colors. Lol

Saw this at KPOU several days ago

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I was a little far away, but I’ve never seen this here before.

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