Spotting @KSNA

Love that Embry Riddle Diamond Star, I have flown that plane many times! Never flown it to SNA though but I bet it would be a beautiful flight!

It was a beutiful day! We saw a ton of planes!

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Yes looks very clear out, SNA has a lot of good spotting locations

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Its so true! I spotted at 2 different Parking lots!

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I’d recommend turning up the light on some of these. Some are a little dark.

Here is a amazing place to planespot. Yes, we are international, we have a WestJet 737-700 that comes from Vancouver and Southwest planes that go to Mexico.


Thanks for the great photos! #real-world-aviation. Shout out to @LAHockey for making this post and again… ♡Love the photos

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Yeah, well once I get my TL2 back, I have KBUR pics! Thank you for the great feedback though!

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I would love to see the photos! I’ll have to bookmark this page to remember to check your profile for that.

If you would like also, once I get up to TL2 I have some photos from Washington National as well as KABE ( Lehigh Valley International Airport.) One of the photos is pictured in my profile photo. ( Kalliata Charters DC 9 )

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