Spotting @KSNA

Hello everyone! So I got the chance to hang out at John Wayne this afternoon and got some really great pictures of GA and commercial aircraft! Now without further ado I bring you the planes of KSNA!!

American Airlines A320 Approach

Alaska E170/175

Cessna 172

Piper PA-31-325

Southwest 737-700 (Brace yourselves! Lots of these coming up!)

Hawker Beechcraft 400XP

Bombardier Challenger 300

Bellanca 7KCAB

Another Cessna 172

Alaska Boeing 737-800 (New Livery)

Diamond DA-42 Twin Star

Southwest Boeing 737-700

Delta E170/175

Southwest Boeing 737-700 (Again)

Frontier A319

Thats all folks!

I hope you really enjoyed these! I spent about 3 hours taking these photos!

Please remember not to use these without my consent!

*Have a great weekend!


I like the Alaska 737–800’s


Those frontier photos made this all worth it 😋 thank you for the privilege of seeing my favorite carrier displayed!

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Glad you enjoyed the photos! I hope to upload more in the near future!

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Riddle flew in their Twinstar fro Prescott? Dang. That’s a pricy flight. Great pictures by the way! KSNA still one of my favorite airports.


awesome pictures. nicely done


Awesome pics. Love the third one!

Thanks guys! I really love all the feedback!

No photos of aircraft landing on taxiways?!!

These aren’t interesting photos!! 😝


Sooooo many times i have to correct… Alaska

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I live near KSNA… like, really close, so I could show you a good planespotting place


Sorry, it was Auto-Correct 😐 JK, I’ve just seen it like that sooo many times I thought it must be correct.

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Great collection of photos. Well done. 👍👌

Absolutely terrific photos! Keep up the great work!

Hey thanks! I try my best to impress you.


Nice pictures! @Gavrilo, is your plane the 172 or the Bellanca?

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I can’t tell if your being facetious or not lol. But your photos are some of the best I’ve seen.

Wow thanks man, I am happy that you enjoy my pictures. If you want to use any please pm me.

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Hehe the 172 for sure. @LAHockey nice shots man!


Thanks! I love all the feedback.