Spotting @ KSDF

These are the photos from my flash spotting trips @ KSDF yesterday. Feedback is welcome. Some pictures aren’t great, it was my first time using this camera. Camera is a Nikon D3100.image


Very nice! What do you use to spot?

Nice photos! 👏

A Nikon D3100.

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Is it good?

Isn’t bad. I still need some practice on it.

You’re joking, right? These photos are really good!

No. Those are the select few out of the 70 I took ;) Some of those still seem a little blurry. I did find a spot for 17R arrivals, which is the runway UPS uses.

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Another problem I had was the fence in between one of my spots and the taxiway/runway. I got excited when that DL MD80 taxied right infront of me. Those MD80 photos are with no zoom.

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#Spotting Locations
Here is the [map of my Locations] ( Feel free to add your own.

You did a really great job.

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Thanks! I’ll be posting them on instagram, too. My account is @hmkane1214.

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I will make sure to check that out.

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Good photos, but there’s a lot to be worked on.

Which lens did you use?

I suggest you lower the shutter speed to avoid camera shake. Doing this might also need you to higher the ISO or your aperture. Try not to get too low on aperture since that creates a very shallow depth-of-field. Around f4 will work, but f5.6 works a lot smoother, at least for me when shooting at 300mm focal length. If your camera/lens features image stabilization that is a great thing to have as well, it can significantly lower the need of a fast shutter speed.

Anyways, not saying these photos are bad, but there is some stuff to work on, practice, practice and practice more and you’ll get better with time ;)

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Here’s some more from yesterday.


Awesome Shots

The Heart Livery Southwest 737-800 is a brand new plane. Made in Sept. 2016.

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