Spotting @ KPWM 08/23/19

Hello IFC! Today I went spotting at KPWM (near the middle of runway 11/29). I did not stay for very long so I only got good pictures of two planes.

First, I got a picture of an Airbus A320-214 (N259NV) landing from KIND. This flight is not regularly scheduled, according to the Allegiant website (which does not show PWM as part of the route map), I assume it is a charter. The flight number was G48095.

1 minute later, a Southwest Boeing 737-7H4 (N461WN) arriving from KBWI landed. The flight number was SWA1729

(There was one other aircraft I photographed, but the pictures are not good enough to post)

I used a Nikon D5500 for this spotting session


Nice 2 catches!

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Thanks lol, hopefully next time i’ll stay for longer, maybe get more aircraft

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Great pictures!!!

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Awesome pics I love the Southwest it’s my favorite photo 👍🏽👍🏽

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Thank you!

Nice pics, the Southwest 737 is cool. I just wonder why Allegiant would go there, if it’s not charter, of course.

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The Allegiant flight did not show up on Allegiant’s flight tracker, which is why I think it’s a charter.

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