Spotting @ KPIT (Part 2)

Hello community!

I have been continuing to go through the massive amount of photos from my recent aviation-centered trip to Pittsburgh, and today I am ready to share the shots from my second (and last) day of spotting at KPIT. All of these were taken from a small park next to the Allegheny County Emergency Services Center (@KPIT), which sits slightly to the south-east of the airport and has excellent views arrivals and departures from 3 different runways (10R/28L, 10C/28C, and 14/32). We stayed for about 3 hours and caught tons of both arriving and departing aircraft, as they switched from the 28s to the 10s about a third of the way through our session. Once again, I’ve narrowed them down to the ten best and have done some editing to make them look better. I apologize if the photos aren’t the highest quality, I don’t have the best camera at the moment. Enjoy!

American A319 in PSA Heritage livery (departing 10C)

Delta MD-90 (arriving 28C)

Gulfstream G400 (departing 10C)

JetBlue E190 (departing 10C)

KC-135 (arriving 28L)

Southwest 737-700 in Canyon Blue livery (departing 10C)

American Eagle CRJ-200 (departing 10C)

Delta MD-90 (departing 10C)

Cessna Citation Latitude (departing 14)

Southwest 737-700 (arriving 32)

Thanks for checking out my photos, hope you enjoyed! If you want to see more, make sure to visit the first installment:


Nice Photos! Loved the PSA livery.

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Nice pictures. Looked like a great blue day! 🏙

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Nice pictures! Ive flown to PIT a couple times and its been a great experience.

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Not going to lie, I think you came to the wrong place for an aviation related trip…


Stunning photos @PlaneCrazy! 😍

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I absolutely love this shot, Really shows off the smile of the A319!!! Well done, thanks for sharing!


Also I think you want to tag @KC3DLL about this one, not me… 😂

Thanks for the tag though! 👍🏻

Well, it was kinda my only option (that’s where my family lives). Wasn’t bad at all though, I got to see an airshow in Cleveland, do a flight lesson, and go spotting.

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So the coolest part of your Pittsburgh aviation trip was in a rival city? Cool… 😂

But where did you take the lesson? Just curious…

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You asked to be tagged about that location here…

My flight lesson was at KPJC. You can read about it here:

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I suppose I did, I just said you might want to tag @KC3DLL because he works there I think…

I know he’s a dispatcher, and I think they work there, but I could be wrong…


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