Spotting @KORD (Part 4)

Hello, so on February 20th I went spotting at Chicago O’hare and here are the final 5 photos of the session, enjoy!

1st, we have a Delta Connection E170 from Atlanta

2nd, we have a Spirit A320 from Fort Lauderdale

3rd, we have a United 787-9 from Cancun

4th, we have a British Airways 787-8 from London Heathrow

And last but DEFINITELY not least, a Southwest 737-700 in the Louisiana One livery

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for viewing!



But Louisiana One wasn’t at O’Hare yesterday…


oh wait yeah it was on the 20th, my bad

Nice pictures! Where did the southwest come from? I didn’t even know they flew to ORD lol


Came from Denver, they started service to ORD on the 14th, the irony because they started a new route on Valentine’s day and Southwest is considered as “The Love Airline”



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I think so might just wait until Part 38 comes out…

Lovely job, pictures look good again!

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this was the last part…

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