Spotting @KORD! (Part 3)

Hello! I recently spotting at Chicago O’hare and here’s part 3 of the photos! Enjoy!

1st, we have a United Express CRJ-550

2nd, we have an ANA 777-300 in the “Star Alliance” livery

3rd, we have an American 787-8

4th, we have a KLM Asia 777-200 which is quite uncommon for KORD

5th, we have a Delta A220-100

6th, we have a Qatar A350-1000, my favorite plane of the day

7th, we have an Aer Lingus A330-300

8th, we have an Aero Mexico 737-800

9th, we have a Delta Connection CRJ-900

And last but not least, a Frontier A320

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for viewing!



I like the United Airlines new livery you caught

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Thank you! The Frontier A320 looks like its made of plastic

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Keep it up!


When was the KLM Asia at Chicago? Could’ve sworn it was at LAX yesterday too.

Nice shots.

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😍😍😍 Lovely shots!

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Very nice photos! I love that ANA 777!

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