Spotting @KORD! (Part 2)

Hello, recently I went spotting at Chicago O’hare and here are some of the photos!

First, we have a United 777-200 from Frankfurt

Second, we have an American 777-300 from London Heathrow

Third, we have a United 737 MAX 9 from Houston

Fourth, we have a United A319 from Orlando

Fifth, we have a United 767-300 from Tokyo

Sixth, we have a Southwest 737-700 from Phoenix

Seventh, we have an American A321 from Dallas Fort Worth

Eighth, we have an Aero Union 767-200F from Boston Logan

Ninth, we have a FedEx 767-300F from Memphis

And last but not least, an Etihad 787-9 from Abu Dhabi

Are these photos Jet Photos worthy? lmk in the comments, thanks for viewing!



I like the Southwest Airlines jet you caught

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Can you please try to get a private jet landing at KORD

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Those are pretty much impossible, I do live near Du Page which is a private airport so I’ll try there

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Nice shots!! Love the FedEx 767F, United 772, and the Southwest 737-700 especially :D


I love all of these photos, by any chance was there snow on the ground? Or is it really crisp out?

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there was about a foot of snow

It’s about time we see some pictures of Southwest at O’Hare! Cool pics!

and now its gone, dont wanna spoil it to anyone else

Beautiful light, thanks for sharing the photos!

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Lookin’ good MAX!


Yea, I was thinking there was snow outside because I could tell by the lighting of the photos! Either way, great photos!

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Really made the colors pop!

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Well @Robertine our Duopoly is now a Triopoly…

Nice job, pictures look good!


Haha yes it looks like it is


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