Spotting @KORD! (Part 1)

Hi! So earlier today I went spotting at KORD and here are some of the photos!

First, we have a United Express E170

Second, we have a Volaris A320

Third, we have a China Airlines Cargo 747-400F

Fourth, we have a United 787-9

Fifth, we have an American 737-800

Sixth, we have an American Eagle CRJ-700

Seventh, we have a China Eastern 777-300

Eighth, we have an American A319 “Baby bus”

Ninth, we have a Silk Way West 747-8F

And last but not least, a United 737-900

Hope you guys enjoyed! Part 2 coming soon!

  • Xaro

Oooooooooh yeah these are 🔥


Cool pics! What runway did u spot from?

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Mostly likely runway 10L/28R that’s where all the big planes land because it’s the longest runway at Ohare. And every time I see a big plane land for example a 747 it’s always 10L/28R

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Wow, great shots, where do you go to spot? I go right by the bus HQ off of 45, its right behind 28R. Yea wheres your location if you mind?

You know I was thinking so, but there have been times where I’ve spotted a TON of heavies on 27L

It’s 28C, there is a specific parking lot that you get the angle @Xaro has in his pictures. I can show you if you want on Google Earth :)

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Yeah it’s runway 10C/28C. 10L/28R never has arrivals on it. Great pictures as well!

Great photos, KORD has lots of variety, what parking lot did you spot at?

Here it is…

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I love the pictures!

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Well… there was a Cargolux 748 and a Lufthansa A350 that landed on 9R that REALLY pissed me off

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