Spotting @KORD 09/05/2020 (or 05/09/2020 if you read it that way)

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On the final day of my subscription, I decided not to do some flying but rather some nice plane spotting at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, (this meaning my final flight I did for my subscription was KEWR - WSSS, the longest flight I have ever done. If you want to see how that was, here you go: KEWR - WSSS). Anyway, I got some interesting shots of different planes. Overall, 15 in total (but due to the limit I had to delete 5 of them). I don’t remember every single detail about each aircraft or where they were landing/departing from, so some of it is me guessing.


Aircraft: B772 (777-200ER)
Airline: American Airlines (One World livery)
Callsign: American 247
Gate: Gate M07 (Terminal 5)
Server: Expert

China Airlines A350-900 landing on either Runway 28L or RWY 28C. In the background, an American A320, a United 737(-700 I think) and a United A359 are in-line for runway 28R

A United Express CRJ-700 departing RWY 28R.

A Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F landing on Runway 27R.

View of Terminal 3 K-gates. 1 Turkish A359, 2 Delta A359s, 1 Emirates A359, 1 Air France B772 and 2 United 737s(the one parked is a -800 and the one about to taxi is a -700 I think).

The front line of planes waiting to take-off on Runway 28R. We can see a British Airways B787-9, a Delta 788, the same Emirates A350-900 in the last picture and an American A320 behind that, whilst a United A359 waiting on the runway at take-off position for clearance to take-off.

An Air Bridge Cargo B748 on short-final for runway 28C. Also an Air India B77L in the shot.

A Delta A350-900 on short-final for RWY 27R, passing over it is an XCub on short-final for RWY 22R (a near mid-air collision, with only 200 feet of separation).

A United 78X (I think) and a Lufthansa A350-900 both taxiing.

A Spirit A321 about to take-off from runway 28R, whilst an Aeromexico 737-700 is about to land on runway 28L (or 28C, but I’m confident it was 28L)

Final picture of the day, a Cathay A359 parked, preparing for departure, as well as a LATAM A350-900’s tail and an American A320-200 in the shot.


NIce photos!

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Small correction: that’s a China Airlines A359, not Air China (check the writing on the fuselage). China Airlines is Taiwan-based, whilst Air China is mainland-China based.


@ILOVE7879-2.0 thanks!

@ToasterStroodie my bad, I was probably thinking of Air China for some reason when I was viewing that picture, thanks for the correction

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Great shots!

Also sad that you no longer have a subscription.

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@Alec Thanks!

yeah I’m also quite sad too, I’ll have to miss out on the new 20.1 update and all that, I’ll hopefully get one soon though!

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Just save all you can and you’ll get one soon!

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Nice pictures! Lots of amazing aircraft and pics. Looks like you had fun.

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Another guy will disappear from the IF skies.

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I love the editing 😍 great job!

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Lovely Captures!

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@Mr-plane-guy1 @Sashaz55, @Anshul28 Thank you!

@MissRosa yeah, you won’t be seeing me for while :(


But youre still here in IFC?

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Love the photos they are amazing!

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oh that’s unfortunate you no longer have a subscription, hopefully you will get another soon. amazing photos though I must say! :))

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@MissRosa yeah ill try to be active on the IFC, but not so much on IF (but due to life I may not be too active)

@Pertonics @vexzty thank you! Yes maybe ill get a subscription soon!

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