Spotting @KONT 22JUN2023 2045Z

So this was my first time spotting at Ontario, and I was in total newbie mode. I didn’t find many places online to get a good spot to spot aircraft other than an FAA Facility which I was kinda scared to spot from (airport authorities). Instead I just parked in the Terminal 4 parking lot and walked up to the terminal. Area was pretty nice though; it’s almost like a small park. Right next to 26R pretty much which was in use departures and arrivals.

UPS 757-200F

UPS 767-300F Door Open for Loading

SWA 737-700

UAL E175

AAL A321-200 No SL

I still have pictures from LAX last month, but I might not upload them since they were taken with a phone, not a actual camera. Might go somewhere soon to planespot.

Thanks for viewing these shots! It was fun taking these.

My camera: Canon T3 w/ 300x Zoom Lens (It’s really old I know, trying to get a new one with a lens attachment that zooms even more)


Not sure why most of the text bolded even though I didn’t select bold for it haha.

Realized I messed up 2 aircraft names, fixed now 🙂

@Kamryn 😶

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Nice shots! That N165US American over the runway is definitely my favorite.

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