Spotting @ KLGA Includes a visit from the President of the U.S. (6/17/18)

On Sunday my father actually took me out to plane spot and we ended up spending the whole day together having some bonding time. I found two great secret locations (MacNeil park and 113th Ave in College Point Queens) where I got some amazing shots of LaGuardia.

Disclaimer: I don’t have the best camera in the world, nor am I the best spotter in the world, but these are some of my best shots so please enjoy.

JetBlue Airbus A320
Delta Airbus A321
United Express ERJ175
Airbus A320 Frontier “Colorado” The Ram livery
The plane of the man himself. Multi-Million dollar Boeing 757 owned by President Donald J. Trump.


How was the spotting (and smell) of LaGarbage?

But seriously, I hope you had a good time.


I’m used to the smell by now. I had a great time, what counts the most is being with your dad on Father’s Day. That’s what makes it special.


It wasnt Trump but im curious to who was on board that aircraft…


It would be interesting to find out…

It sure would be indeed ;)

@Cbro4 I’m guessing you’ve been to LaGarbage then.

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Saw his aircraft at LGA one time. Pretty cool - you should watch the documentary about it, it’s pretty interesting.


I saw that one about it’s maintenance and pilots. Very cool!

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The Trump 757 is now owned by Trump’s brother. When it lands, a few black SUV’s come through the gate into the airport and escort him in and out. I’ve seen it a few times.

Nope. I never have, and hopefully never will (other than spotting) 😉

It was Hillary 😂😂😂


Nice shots, Justin. I enjoyed them. 👍🏻

Where’s Mount Guardia thought it was by the threshold of rwy 22 😁

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DJT Jr. most likely. He’s been using it for his role in the business

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What runways were LGA using when you got there?

During calm weather they shall use the same runways. It was calm on that day so landings were on runway 22 and takeoffs on 13.

What is the weather most of the time like on the Hudson?

I mean, the weather changes like any other place. Today it’s sunny but it could be rainy any other day.

Well I mean as to runway operations (sorry I should’ve said that lol) what runway do they use on a sort of windy day?