Spotting @ KLAX

I went down to LAX yesterday and was really lucky to get two a380s landing right as I pulled up. It was the perfect weather for it too. I hope you enjoy! I was using a Canon 5D with a 24-70mm lens. I started out by the InNOut by the runway but moved to stand right next to the approach lights which allowed me to see right underneath. There was a delta a350 but I was unable to get it as it was taking off 24L.

Emirates a380

Air France a380

Air Canada a320

American Eagle e175 (Really able to tell how close they were – no zoom)

American 777-200

Delta 717-200

Delta a321

Alitalia 777 (Pretty low approach, got it right as it passed over)

I hope you all enjoy!



Those are some pretty neat shots! Nice job. What camera do you use?

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Ooh! LAX has been on my bucket list for a while! Awesome shots!


@MrMrMan He says it up above ^


Love the close up picture of the Air France A380, Beautiful 😍


Thanks! Sorry, didn’t see it.

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Great shots! The variety of heavies at Klax are insane. definitely on my bucket list

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It’s really awesome! I saw the emirates flight on approach when I was driving so I made sure to get there on time. I got out of the car right as it flew over.

That doesn’t seem like an Alaska 737, but nice shots.

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I believe it’s in the old livery but I have another angle so I’ll check.

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I think it is an Alaska 737 as you can see the greenish line running past the fuselage

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nice pictures!

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Close but no cigar. It’s actually a 717-200

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Roger that! I couldn’t tell.

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telltale sign was the grey thrust reverser caps

The front gear compartment is not of a 737, 737’s look like this

Over by in and out I’m jealous I miss doing this in the summer 😔

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Madness i love the air france s380

Nice shots! Have you ever been to the Theme Building Deck? I might go spot next weekend after I land at Long Beach!

No, noo , nooooo!
goes to In-n- out
comes back eating a mouth full of double double
Cyursse uyo!

Nice pics bro, really like the AF A380