Spotting @ KLAX

Hey- I went to KLAX today with a few of my friends, and I wanted to share my pics! Last time you guys said they were a bit overedited and that my lens seemed a bit dirty, and I listened! Without further ado, here they are.

Etihad B77W

Aeromexico Connect E175

JAL B787-8

United B787-9

Frontier A320

Air France A380

Air China B77W

The Canadian Prime Minister’s private A310 (Rushed photo)
Thanks for reading! Feedback greatly appreciated.


Get out of here. I was at lax too today planespotting! Have any more pictures near the in n out? I was there from 1-3pm.

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The top was at LAX, but the rest are at the Theme Building.

Hm. Did you get the in-n-out in the background of any of them? It’d be hilarious if I’m in one of those pictures

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No, unfortunately. We should possibly meet up sometime! If we want to talk about this further though, we should take it to a pm.

Nice! Friend of mine flies for Skywest out of LAX


Very nice pictures, love the Air France A380 🇫🇷

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Thank you so much! It was really fun.

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