Spotting @ KLAX #2

The “MD11F FedEx” as you call it is actually a DC10…
Please don’t make that mistake…
But those still are sexy photos! Thanks for sharing ;)

Why can’t you say it in a friendlier manner? Are you kidding me?


I was just at lax. Saw Alaska more to love livery also the “fish livery” as you call it is actually salmon three salmon. Sorry I really like Alaska airlines and am not trying to be a critic.

If someone worked really hard on a topic and taking photos a slight error of aircraft type is not a huge deal.If you find a mistake in someones topic kindly pm them to let them know so.

Thank you, it took about an hour just to put these photos on.

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So if you type the place on google you will find it. It’s called Clutters park, one of the best spotting places in the world.

Yeah ikr, I saw that it was taking off an I was like, “Let’s give the community a good look at what IF will have soon.”

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Yeah, thats what I should have done…

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Nice pictures man!

Hey thanks! I am really glad you got to enjoy these! Do you have any favorites?

Awesome pictures. Love the FedEx

The FedEx one is my personal favorite!


That Copa 737 will always make my day, lol.

Actually @RedarPhel , it’s not a DC-10, it’s an MD-10. Get your facts right before you shoot someone down.

All the same, some awesome shots and great variety @LAHockey

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MD-10 😂😂😂
Yeah @LAHockey sorry if I have been harsh, didn’t mean to shoot you down.
Those are really nice shots,
(Tip to differentiate DC10/MD11 : length and wingtips, the wing mounted engines are more roundish than the MD11’s,)

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Its alright, I enjoy constructive criticism.

Some of the 737’s were 737 max’s

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I don’t think any of them were, there is only one airline operating the Max, its Vistara, correct me if I’m wrong. 🙂

Great pictures ! Love the quality.

Spectacular photos m8 but the FEDEX aircraft were dc10s not MD11s