Spotting @ KJFK (again) 3/17/18

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! I went spotting today. Here are some pics:

Qatar A350-900

Turkish A330

Air India 77W

Delta A320

And finally, an Alaska 737 in the Boeing house livery!

All photos were taken by me. Please contact me if you would like to use them

These were shot on a Canon EOS 77D with a 55-250mm IS STM.

I’d appreciate if you check out my Instagram,


These were shot on the roof of the Terminal 5 parking lot. The security didn’t kick me out! They were chill.


But another set of great photos!😁

And the delta is an a320

What does pinched mean?

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Forget that🤔😑 just remember the a320

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Wow great pictures! I really like that Qatar A350 and Alaska 737.

Happy Saint Patricks day to you! That Alaskan 737 really brights up the airport. That’s my overall favorite

Wow! Great pics! Especially like the Qatar a359 and AI 77W as I’ve actually been on both of those exact planes before.

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@GaplessHiding you went spotting at JFK, at T5, and didn’t share a shot of a JetBlue? (Although I do see an awesome shot of a JetBlue 321 on your instagram!)

Great photos!!

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Great pictures!! Really like the Qatar A359!

Ask and you shall recieve…

A JetBlue E190!


Great photos! My only issue is the lack of Aer Lingus, especially because of what today is…

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Haha unfortunately the airport wasn’t very busy

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Ahhh, the a350!!
My favorite aircraft!!!

Ahh, darn. That’s too bad.

Amazing Photographs
Maybe we can meet up lol
I go planespotting at KJFK lots of times; usually visit Brookville Park for the 22 arrivals and/or the cargo center at the Q7 bus stop for the 13 Canarsie arrivals.

Great shots JFK is one of the best for spotting but the security is a bit tough so my best shots are from the wing of a plane lol

Yeah they normally have a late arrival into jfk at weekends Aer Lingus do

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