Spotting @ KIAD (Dulles International Airport)

Here are some photos of my spotting from the Smithsonian Parking Lot & the observations tower. These are pictures of planes landing at runway 1R.

A couple United CRJ-200s.

A United 737.

A Porter Bombardier Dash 8-Q400

A private Challenger

Now here is my pictures inside the Smithsonian (I know it’s not really spotting, but it’s planes)

Boeing 367-80

Couple shots of a Air France Concorde.


SR-71 Engine

Finally the SR-71 Blackbird itself.

Hope you enjoy! Sorry for quality, taken on my phone. Also, if I thought it was the wrong plane, respond and I’ll change it!


Should add more commentary instead of just shoving photos in there at least say United a319 or to that extent 😃

Love all the pictures!!

Looks like a private Challenger to me, not United.

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Yep. It’s a private Challenger. Also if you go back, go to the parking garage near the main terminal. It’s in between runways, and above the frieght ramp. it’s literally the best place to spot planes. I’m a local so I know the area pretty well. Costs a bit to get in the garage, but it’s completely worth it


Looks like Porter Airlines to me. :)

Great pictures though. Hope you had a wonderful time at the Smithsonian.

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Thanks guys! I’ll edit the things, and defiantly use your advice. Unfortunately I don’t live in D.C, but I’m doing some plans spotting @KJFK this week.

For some reason they all looked like United to me 😂👍.

Also! If you come back to D.C, go to Gravely Point park. It’s literally on the threshold of KDCAs runways. The airplanes barely miss your head. Super cool


Thanks! I have family and friends here so I should be back maybe in early November, maybe earlier @Rodney_Buckland.

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Your welcome. D.C. is such an awesome place if you know what there is to do around here, besides the normal tourist stuff. I never thought I’d like it here when we moved but it’s been a blast

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D.C. is a wonderful place. I personally like Roaches Run Waterfowl Sanctuary Park close to Reagan for plane spotting!

Also, the one time I didn’t have my phone out to take pictures, a Lufthansa 747 landed right over our car! Wish I had my phone out so much…


Hey! Awesome pictures. Next time you should go to garage 2 and go all the way to the top. 👌 me personally that’s the best plane spotting view at the airport. DCA also has a really good plane spotting view from the park.

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-Constructive Criticism-

Alright, first of all, if you can’t clearly see the airplane, don’t put it on a post. C’mon now. I understand your pics of the concord but not before those.

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They are all just as important as they Concorde. They all shaped Avaiation to be what it is today. Thanks for the crisis though. I’ll use it later this week at JFK.

That’s not my point. If you can barely recognize the airplane don’t post it.

I was simply responding to this. But yes, I will take this into consideration tomorrow when I do some spotting at KJFK.

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