Spotting @KGWS 10/19/19 EAA Rally

Hello everyone!

It has been a month since my local airport held it’s first EAA Rally. This event was to introduce kids to the beauty of flight with free rides and help show our city the importance of the airport to our community. Recently, there have been talks of replacing the airport with a residential neighborhood. To help save our airport, me and several other volunteers helped organize the event to help build awareness. My job at the event was to take pictures during the event for the kids who flew and for the newspaper. So, here are some of the photos!

1.) Cessna 180 (N180C)

2.) N180C departing runway 14

3.) N378CC, a Cubcrafters CC11, starting up in the early morning

4.) Classic Air Medical Bell 407 (N407CN)

5.) Classic Air Medical Bell 407 (N407CN)

6.) Classic Air Medical Bell 407 (N407CN)

7.) A Cessna 182 (N9059T) departure on 14

8.) N9059T arrival on runway 32

9.) 1960 Cessna 185 (N9204T) arrival on runway 32

10.) Cirrus SR22 (N889TM)

Thanks for viewing my photos! If you have any comments, put them below! Also, follow my instagram for more photos like these!


I love the Turquoise paint job in the first picture!


I wanna fly in the Cirrus lol. They said free?!?!


I love the EAA rally’s they are always fun to attend! It’s how I got my start with the EAA

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Yeah, since flying lessons are pretty expensive, their first flight experience is free!

Love how you incorporated prop blur into these

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