Spotting @ KDCA/ KIAD 4/22-4/26 Part 1

Hello IFC
I recently got back from my 8th-grade class trip to Washington D.C.
I took a bunch of pictures of planes while we were at different memorials and got some pretty cool shots.
image Alaska 737-800
image A decoy Helicopter used for when President Trump arrived at the white house w/ the Washington monument in the background image Southwest 737-700

Southwest 737-700 United 737-800 landing at Dulles United 737-800 landing at Dulles Air France A380 heading to CDG at Dulles Southwest 737-700

Hope you enjoyed!
Which one was your favorite?

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  • Picture 2
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For more pictures follow my instagram



What plane did you fly on to get there?

WN1290 Southwest 737-800 N8062F


@den.aviation cool

That second photo is such a common sight here in downtown.

Nice photos! Have you ever been to DCA or BWI? If so which do you like better?

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been to bwi never been to DCA

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