Spotting @KBWI!

Hey all! Sorry for my absence, I’ve been very busy with schoolwork. I’m back with some spotting at KBWI runway 15R. Enjoy!

First off we have a delta a333 from KATL!

Ouch! We have a southwest 738 from KJFK smashing it.
We got an fedex 777 from Memphis, Tennessee (KMEM)

American eagle pilot forgot how to flare. This came from KBOS

An UPS MD-11F greasing the landing all the way from Hawaii! (PHOG)
Last but not least, we have an American 757 from Miami (KMIA)
Which was your favorite?

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  • None :(

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Thanks, and see ya next time!


Nice pics!

I can’t believe that anyone would choose “none”

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Thanks, I put it there as a joke and I wondered how many ppl would choose it. 😂😂

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