Spotting @ KBUR Vol.2

Here we go again! Another session of plane spotting at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California.
So not a lot of photos, but I think you will enjoy what I have in store for you today!

ATC Tower at the airport

Southwest 737-700 (2000th Boeing 737-700)

United Airbus A320

American Airlines CRJ-900

Surf Air Pilatus PC12/47E

Gulfstream G550

Cessna 700

Embraer Legacy 500

Southwest 737-700

Alaska Airlines 737-800 (Starliner 75)

Hope you enjoy all of these photos! I work really hard on posting these here, so please leave constructive criticism on my pictures so I can make improvements for future pictures.

Do not use these without my permission!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Well we were going to go to KLAX, but traffic was a nightmare.


Clutter’s park for KLAX.

For KBUR (Bob Hope/Burbank) on top of the parking garage near the runway.

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Very nice pics 👌! I’m a regular to KBUR in my Cirrus in IF

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Thanks man! KBUR is one of my favorite airports IRL. It is so small and convenient.

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Nice photos! The Cessna 700 looks so cool, and the Legacy 500 has an awesome livery.

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The Cessna 700 looks a lot like the Citation X.

In my opinion best place to spot at LAX is the In-n-Out. A380s and 747 land on that side all day. Clutters park gets you a good picture of Tom Bradley International Terminal.

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Well, actually I have been there to eat, and all I could see was the belly of most of them. Clutter’s park you can also take pictures of takeoff.

I actually have pictures somewhere and I see everything. You can even see the tires hit the ground. At clutters park there are buildings in the way and the planes don’t usually go that far down the runway.

I just prefer Clutter’s park, as it is an official place for plane spotting. Also I like the view (There are no buildings in the way).

These are terrific photos. I especially like the Starliner 75! Such a stunning aircraft. Thank you for sharing these.

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Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed these pictures!

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