Spotting-(ish) at Sanford

Hello community! If you are currently scrolling through the topics of the forum, you will notice something quite obvious: most of the topics are support for global. So, to give you something else to read other than repetitive and boring glitches about global, here are some planes I spotted upon my arrival to SFB!

Here we see an Airbus A320. It is probably one of Allegients most advanced aircraft if you know what I’m sayin’.😂

Now this one I had no idea about and was SUPER excited to see. A 787 sitting at what I believe to be gate A4 (70% sure) and a beauty it was to see. I was unaware that TUI flew international flights from Stanford, but it came as an awesome surprise!

So there you go. Hope you like what you saw and although it was short, I am glad I was able to share what I was able to share. May the skys be ever in your favor!(:

P.s: Yes, I am in an Md-80!


Cool pics! Maybe next time try cropping them a little :)

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will keep it in mind next time!

Thanks for this I need a break from global

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Yes my hometown airport I can plane anytime you know!

I love the allegiant md 80 it’s awsome

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