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Hello there IFC!

Today I decided to go spotting at an airport in Chicago that isn’t O’Hare, and that would be Midway. I must say I am surprised that no one has created a dedicated MDW topic up until this point, but hey an opportunity is an opportunity, so I’ll take it. Anyways, enjoy these pictures for which I definitely did not at all spend any money on parking garage access to take.

First up we have this Delta A320-200 from Atlanta

Secondly, we have this Cessna Citation on arrival from Nantucket

Rolling out towards the runway we have this Southwest 737-700, who then decided shortly after to takeoff using all 6400 feet of 22L

Coming across on final approach we have this Southwest 737-MAX 8 which just flew in from Phoenix

Remembering that they fly in here now, we have this Frontier A320-NEO taxiing out for departure to Atlanta

Another private jet here, this time a Gulfstream G450 getting ready for departure to Teterboro

With the livery aligning perfectly we then have this Southwest 737-700 in the California One livery arriving from Columbus

Crossing over the airport wall on approach is another Frontier A320-NEO, this time arriving from Dallas

Following shortly behind the Frontier, we have another A320-NEO, this time of Volaris landing from Guadalajara

And to finish it off, we have another Southwest 737-MAX 8, this time arriving from Memphis

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Thanks for viewing, and have a great day!


Ah yes Midway the better version of ohare only with aircraft carrier type runways, nice shots


Which location is this around midway? That place next to the terminal along Cicero?

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Very true; thanks!

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Yup, that parking garage right next to the terminal

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and i thought MDW didn’t have any variety


And this doesn’t even include Avelo, Allegiant, and Porter

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Awesome Pics man! 🙂

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Thank you!

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Remember mine are better

Nice shots John, can’t wait to spot in Chicago this summer :)

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False statement right there

Thanks Devin! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it

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