Spotting (Infinite Flight Edition)

So I got this idea from the St Maartin topic but this is for any airport and like the other topic, please make the pictures look like they’re from a real spotting spot. They don’t have to be real routes but if you want then ok. All of these planes have to be flown by you in solo and not in live, it is like This Topic Here is an afternoon at KSFO
An Air France 747-400 begins it’s takeoff roll to CDG

From Dubai, it’s an Emirates A380

An American A321 starts to lift off to JFK

An Alaska airlines 737-800 on short final before touchdown

An A320 from LAX ignites reversers after touchdown

A Delta 717 from Palm Springs about to touchdown

A United 747-400 taking off to Frankfurt

A JetBlue E175 touches down and ignites reverse thrusters after a flight from Phoenix

Please try to make them look like spotting pics and no huds or anything :D
I would love to see your guys pics as somehow they are just fun to look at ;)


Just changed it to #live 😉

Umm, I don’t see why because it’s not live but ok ;)

These look like they’re all you… The aircraft are in good quality.


What is the point in this post when there’s already a spotting thread to do with live…?


After 10,000 posts the topic is automatically closed by the system. ;)

That’s why there is a part 2…

My apologies, I didn’t even look at the title of this. I thought that you were commenting on part 2. Flag this and a mod will close it. Thanks Dan, Chris.


No this isn’t spotting other people on live, this is doing landings and taking off and taking screenshots that look like planespotting pics, 😑


Why is this in the live category then

Oh sorry - I didn’t know you meant that - I thought it was for online too, I changed it back - sorry 😐

@Dan because I put it there


Thanks, I’ll make that clear in the post :P


Ahhhh, thanks. It only took like 30 minutes

Quick thing, can’t you best this on the IF Photo’s thread?

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Essentially this is a best if pics thread just with a spotting focus.


Pretty pointless post?