Spotting in Zurich, LSZH

Uploading: 419CF8DD-80EF-402E-ACA1-4C3EB44716B5.jpeg… Uploading: 7EC55AC4-2903-462B-9472-9C2AB08DAAAC.jpeg… Uploading: 24590B16-2766-46DD-9E60-38923F6F7ECC.jpeg… Uploading: 65340A03-96D1-42F6-B4C9-29F31997B93F.jpeg… Uploading: E0FA751E-247F-4658-AE88-67000286B389.jpeg… Uploading: C57BBB7B-14E3-4992-83D2-A05269FA3557.jpeg… Uploading: 5C2B41EA-66A2-4987-8143-4E7F855408E4.jpeg…

It was my first spotting session with my new camera NikonD750 and I hope you like the pictures. tell me which one is your favorite?


Try uploading your pics again :)

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Yep will do thanks

only one uploaded for me…

Yes I know sorry there is a problem with my Wi-Fi

I will have to try it in a couple of hours again

Welp, the one picture is amazing, so, I can’t wait to see the rest!

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