Spotting in Turkish Airports


Im going to be going away soon and im just wondering when i return back to the airport if there is any rules of using a camera in the terminal.

The airport im going to has a tiny milatry area at the south end which would be out of shot.

Any help would be great thanks.


I wouldn’t suggest filming in a military area. Like at all. It is considered as a security breach/threat. Although, I don’t think it is bad to film military aircraft flying over or away from the military ramp.

If it’s prohibited there need to be signs in the airport. Also that’s pretty rare but I experienced this scenario in Krasnodar

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Which airport are you trying to spot at?

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Dalaman (LTBS/DLM) when i depart back in the terminal

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Every country has some different rules, so I recommend reading up on those before attempting to planespot. From what I see, there are people who have planespotted in Turkey before but most security officers don’t understand what it is, and it can be prohibited. If you get in trouble with security, just comply with everything they say, and try to be discreet about it even if you don’t, and also try to stay away from any military zones because those will be heavily restricted.


It may depend. I suggest asking regular spotters in the area or someone who knows the area and the rules.

Take a look at this. See Misc. under Dalaman.

Dalaman is not only a civil airport but also a military air base. For that reason be very careful walking there. The time I’ve been there I got warned by a military officer but as I continued with taking photos he did no further action. In addition there is a forbidden zone in the east but since it’s not affecting this spotting location. Its up to you if you stay there or not. We take no responsibilty!
If you wanna be safe just walk to the beach and you have no problems at all. But don´t move over to the afternoon side as its military zone!


Yeah Read this ^^

Looks good!

Heads up. I wont be walking round the outside as im stayin about 90mins away.

Could it be worth messaging any offical page?

Are you trying to spot in the terminal?

You can contact the Dalaman Airport phone number for further clarification: +90 (0252) 792 55 55

Or you may contact them via E-Mail:

Yes. I am planning to spot in the terminal

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I figure you may be safe. I wouldn’t risk taking photos of the active military zones, however.

Again, you can contact the sources above for confirmation.

In the terminal you should be fine if there are no signs against it around (which sometimes, rarely is the case in some parts of airports). If you want to be 100% sure send a polite eMail as @Tsumia wrote.

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@JulianB and @Tsumia thank you both. Ill probably email them tommorow


Glad I could help, good luck!

Thanks for the help

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