Spotting In the Rain

I was close so I got some pics of these. But it had to rain in a place that doesn’t get rain much. Yeah.

I am as sure as my mustache that this is an American eagle ERJ- well hard to tell version.

A Southwest 737-700 I’m putting on the table.

Delta 737-800 with Scimitars

Hommie 757 Delta is up in the rain.

Rare occurrence but this private plane is landing at LAX, I thought it would be from HHR but nope. No LAX.

Credits to my Sony Camera for the pics without seeing beads of water on the window. Their was water on the window.


Love the bottom one, the Saab!

Are you sure it is private?

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Are you sure that’s a Saab? That looks like a Beechcraft 1900D to me…


I am sure it’s private. Maybe it’s a companies because I never seen those and if their was a turboprop it would have been SkyWest’s EMB-Brasilia. But those are gone.

No idea, basically the same thing.

Beechcraft usually takeoff from HHR. And Saab’s are somewhere their. But they are both turboprops.

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UK Spotting?

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Notice the very distinct difference between the two…


Sadly not. Just normal LA spotting.

Ah yes, I see it now.

Haha just kidding. Like seeing them in the clouds :)

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That last one is not private. It’s a Beechcraft b1900D operated by Great Lakes aviation.image


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