Spotting in the Northwest @ KPDX

Hi All! Today was my first actual time that i’ve spotted with a camera in a location other then California or Nevada. I’m currently on a vacation / business trip in Portland, Oregon and had a relative of mine drive me up to the airport at around 7:45AM. Thanks to the help of some local Portland spotters, I found a spot on the short-term parking lot at PDX that gives a great view of 28L action.

I was actually supposed to capture the usual 8:30AM Oregon ANG F-15 departures but found out that their schedule would of course be changed from today to the 6th of August. I did catch them taxiing to their parking spots though. In addition, 28R closed miraculously so 28L received majority of the traffic!

A couple of Redhawk F-15C’s getting it’s ammunitions checked out before continuing the taxi to the ramp. 🦅

The Meatball being towed to the gate after getting maintenance. Some heat haze is visible 😒🍖

One of FedEx Express’ killer ATR-72’s! Flew on Finnair’s a couple years ago. Also, sneak peak of something coming up 👀

Swift departure with the propeller vortices in effect! 💧

Alaska’s More to Love A321neo taxiing to the gate after spending a night at the reserve ramp. 💙❤️

The OSU University scheme touching down in the touchdown zone. 🧡🖤

@fly.akm look its the OSU weeb game plane

An appearance of an Air Canada Express Q-400 headed to 28L.

My first time seeing Prime Air’s 763F, departing 30 minutes late, uh oh, some angry person will be complaining. 📦


Canon Rebel EOS 250D
Canon Rebel EOS 450D [OLD]
Tamron 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3
Tamron 100-400mm F/4.5-6.3
Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Tripod

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My man Kam, you never miss with your topics like damn, taking great photos like there’s no tomorrow.

Don’t stream it when I’m in VC pls I’ll lose a countless amount of brain cells

this shot is my favorite though, looks beautiful

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Can you say Kammy Vibes into your mic

if I don’t say cool pics, someone is gonna flag me. Cool pics ig

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Love how you called it.

Nice photos!

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Ayyy I was just on board that exact Alaska More to Love livery A321neo N926VA. It was heading to DCA.

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Rocco still on a 2 week cooldown period for that

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I’ve just seen from here! How cool!

Meaning you were also at the airport at the same time as me i’m guessing since I was spotting at PDX until 9:25AM.

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@LuminousNate Even cooler is the photo you provided has the OSU Q400 that I’ve also spotted parked next to your 321neo :)

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Yea what a coincidence

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You’re so mean to him

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AWESOME pics! 🔥 Do you have a Jetphotos profile?

Personally I don’t see it in the pic or how it affects anything. It’s an awesome pic.

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It’s linked in the bottom of the post.

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Yep! As @fly.akm said, the link to it is at the bottom of the original post :)


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