Spotting in the Morning Sun | Munich, May 10, 2019

nice pictures, I loved it


No. Nein. нет.

Worst. Airport. For connections. EVER!

Got delayed in Denver by about an hour for some MX things when I was going on DEN-MUC-VIE and missed our MUC-VIE flight. We wouldn’t have missed it if we didn’t have to go across the entire airport.

We were running and still missed it.

I agree I think u should put them on jet photos if they are not

Mh 🤔 thought they actually pick up delayed connecting passengers to get them to their onward flight…maybe they don’t do it if it’s way too tight. Minimum connecting time is 30 minutes within the terminal and I think that’s quite doable even for the longest distances between the gates 🤔 passport control obviously is a contributing factor there

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Already submitted the first pics 🙂 unfortunately they have a ~11+ days queue atm

The first pic is on Jetphotos now with more pics approaching review as well - so you guys can now start to look out for the planes in this topic in Flightradar 😉

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