Spotting in the Morning Sun | Munich, May 10, 2019

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!

It’s been a whole 25 days(!) since my last spotting topic so it was about time to return to Munich airport for some spotting. However, the trip actually wasn’t really planned but extremely spontaneous since I only decided to go at midnight the evening before since I learned that a special plane was due to arrive at 7a.m. the next morning. So evenutally I ended up driving to the airport after some 5 hours of sleep.

Even though I arrived early I had already missed the first interesting arrivals of the day such as our new visitor from Shanghai. Since a few weeks, Air China changed their Munich flight to an A350-900. Even though it had already landed very early I got to meet the new raccoon when it was towed to the remote parking areas where many long haul planes that arrive in the early morning are prepared for their return/next flights in the afternoon. In my opinion, Air China’s retro-style livery really fits the modern shape of the A350!

While I missed other arrivals, I still managed to get some heavy landings such as this arrival of LH411 inbound from JFK performed by Lufthansa’s beautiful A340-600 in the classic colors.

Another arrival in the amazing morning light arrived right from the opposite direction - Thai’s Boeing 777 from Bangkok seen touching Bavarian soil with some nice wing vortices.

As you might remember, I went to the airport on rather short notice, so you might wonder: what was the plane you did that for? So here’s the answer: Instead of the usual Airbus A330, South African Airways performed its flight from Johannesburg with an Airbus A340-300 and not only that - the plane was wearing the airline’s 2012 Olympics special livery.

Just a tad smaller than the heavy arrivals you’ve just seen was this departing business jet from Austria. As you can see, big dark clouds were approaching the airport giving this shot an amazing contrast

Even with Bavaria’s easter holidays over, there are still many holiday flights operating. This Air Cairo A320 arrived from Marsa Alam.

Another holiday airline at Munich that is performing most of the flights to Turkey for Lufthansa is Sun Express. In contrast to the holiday makers arriving on the Air Cairo flight the passengers on board this flight are probably a bit more happy since their holidays are only about to start 😉

Another airline operating for Lufthansa is airBaltic. In contrast to Swiss, the airline already rebranded their CSeries aircraft as Airbus A220. Two of airBaltics A220s are currently supporting Lufthansa by operating flights to Bucharest, Lyon and Budapest.

As you can see in this pic, the dark clouds seen a few pics earlier didn’t miss the airport and forced me into a little break. After a quick shower sun was already out again for this departing TAROM Airbus A318 departing to Romania.

A regular guest to finish this topic for today is Emirates. While two out of three daily flights to Dubai are operated using the A380, the morning flight is performed with a Boeing 777 that can be seen accelerating in front of Munich’s iconic ATC tower here.

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Amazing shots!


I’ve been missing your photos. That’s why I love your instagram account 😜

Fantastic photos as always! :)

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Beautiful spotting! Keep ut the good work!!!

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You always find a way to out-do yourself, Moritz. Every photo is always beyond expectation, keep up the great work! <3

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Wow, well-executed eye-candy shots. Munich has so much diversity!

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Excellent pictures. What camera are you using? Saw you posting a spotting topic in Innsbruck before. Great job! 👍

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I’m in love with that A340 and the tire smoke 😍


Great Pictures!


This is AMAZING ! What cam do you use? @Moritz

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I‘m using a Canon EOS 80D in combination with a 100-400 Canon lens. Some of the close up shots of today were taken using a 18-135 Canon lens.

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Great pics!
Thanks for sharing


Now that put some pressure on my shoulders 👀 guess i need to sneak myself onto the apron soon to keep that up haha

Thank you!

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Great pictures! Did you get a united plane from SFO by any chance?

I didn’t spot it today but I’ve done before, plus I at least saw it parked at the terminal.

Ah ok, because my dad was on that flight yesterday (10.05.2019)

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That Air China 350 is stunning!!

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Oh nice, he got quite some delay though, didn’t he? 🤔

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Yeah he did and just made his connection to Basel. 😅

That must have been quite a connection time though 👀 but Munich must be awesome for connections

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